A bunch of powerlines (players) battling it out

The Powerline is the long line of energy that the player controls in Powerline.io.


The Powerline is a straight line (as the player turns the line turns with them, but never bends, it always stays straight) with a white head at the tip. The powerline's color is randomized when the player spawns/respawns. When the player reaches over 2,000 points, the powerline will thicken and occasionally gain stripes and glow. As the powerline grows in size, it becomes slower and harder to maneuver, but can still boost.


Players can name their powerline whatever they want before they hit enter to play. This can be done after a player dies by pressing ESC and entering a name into the box. The name does not have to be appropriate, but it has a 15 character limit.


The Powerline is the basis of Powerline.io. Players can control their powerline using the WASD keys or the arrow keys. Powerlines expand in length when they collect food, and gain speed (boost) when they are in close proximity to other powerlines. Powerlines die and drop food when they collide with another powerline or the edge. Players aim to get other powerlines to collide with them so that they can eat their food and grow.


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