Powerline.io Wiki
Powerline logo.png
Name Powerline.io
Type .io game
Developer Andre Almeida
Released October 20, 2017
Mobile Versions iOS, Android

Powerline.io is a free online web browser io game created and developed by Andre Almeida. It was released for non-mobile web browsers on October 20, 2017, and for mobile devices on October 27, 2017.


The game involves players taking on the role of a powerline, similar to a snake from Slither.io, another popular io game. The player must kill other players by causing them to collide with their powerline, and eat their food to grow. The trick is that players will gain a speed boost when close to other powerlines, so they must act quick and efficiently to take out other players and gain their food and become king.


Powerline.io was created and developed by Andre Almeida in 2017, and was released on October 20. Since then, the game has received six updates, the most recent one being released on December 6, 2017.


Powerline.io has received positive reviews for its fun nature and simple but addicting concept. It has been compared to other io games such as Slither.io, which some people complain Powerline.io ripped off due to its similar nature. Regardless, Powerline.io is still a popular browser game, averaging 15,000 users daily.


  • The player can toggle sound effects on and off by pressing the M key during gameplay.
  • The player can press the i key during play to toggle the FPS and Ping displays.
  • This was Andre Almeida's third io game, the others being Wings.io and Brutal.io.
  • This game is similar to Slither.io, as mentioned, but has different features.
  • This game is most played in work and school environments.

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