Pressing the zero key allows the player to say "KILL THE KING!"

Talking is a feature in, added in version 1.06. It allows the player to emit a short message in the form of a speech bubble that surrounding players can see.


Talking can be used to taunt surrounding players. The player cannot talk for 8 seconds after spawning, and messages only appear on screen for 5 seconds. After that, the player must wait another 8 seconds before they can talk again.


The player cannot type and enter custom messages, they can only enter messages using the number keys (0-9) which display specific messages. The player can also press T to display the choices. They are:

  1. LOL
  2. EASY!
  3. OOPS!
  4. I DARE YOU!
  5. GOTCHA!
  6. RUN!
  7. TEAM?
  8. YES!
  9. NO!

Zero (0) displays "KILL THE KING!"

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