The Rise of is an article published by Chris6d on June 1, 2018. The article, published on Medium, summarizes the game of, as well as its rise in popularity during 2018, when the game was arguably at its peak. The article may be read here.


If you’re in front of a computer, and you’ve got spare time to kill, chances are you’ve played an online browser or .io game.

Chances are, the game was something along the lines of or

Well, this .io game’s got those elements, but does it better.

That game would be

In case you haven’t heard, is the trending browser game of 2018. Created in 2017 by Andre Almeida, a browser game developer from Lisbon, Portugal, the game’s become wildly popular over the first half of 2018.

The game involves the player controlling a powerline, a long glowing rod with a head that looks like the tip of a Q-tip. Players must get close to other powerlines to ‘boost’ off of each other, gain speed, and cause the other players to crash head-on into them, killing them. The killer can now collect the dead powerline’s pellets, or food, and become bigger. Players continue to defeat each other and collect each other’s food until they are the largest in the game.

The game is mostly played in school or work environments. In a school like St. Edmund Prep in Brooklyn, New York, the game is frequently played by students on the school’s computers, students who simply wish to kill time before their next class. Senior Randy Peralta stated about the game:

"The game’s cool. It’s a fun time killer and it’s fun to play with friends sitting near you using the Party Mode. I always play it in the computer lab when I’ve got time to spare."

“Study for an exam? Nah,” says senior Ryan Cooks. “I’d rather play Powerline.”

The game is more popular among teenagers and young students who wish to kill time in school. The game’s also played by some young adults in work settings. If you’ve got a computer and access to the internet, you can play. Whether or not you choose to play, and dominate, remains the question.

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