Trapping, also known as boxing or boxing off, is a method and game strategy in in which a player traps another player inside themselves, creating a wall that the inside player cannot escape from. The player can then collect the remaining food if the trapped player dies (by crashing into the "wall", or even killing themselves).


Trapping can only be done if the player's powerline is long enough, as a short powerline won't be long enough to trap others, as it will wear off before the player can be completely surrounded. Trapping is a useful strategy that is often done by kings to maintain their position, as they are by far large enough to trap.


However, one must be careful not to accidentally trap themselves, as players will die if they collide with themselves. If there is a slight opening, a skilled player can escape a trap maneuvering their way out. If there is no way out, the player can still attempt to inch their way out. However, this strategy may not be effective sometimes, due to the smallness of the trap compared to the size of the line, and the player is therefore condemned to crash into their own tail.


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